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Mindy Miller
Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®)

Before working with Charlotte, I wasted so much time spinning my wheels, waiting for something to change so that I could get myself unstuck and back to writing. Since working with Charlotte, together with RTT® and Coaching, I have hope, again. I believe in myself and have the self-confidence and trust I need to set a path to my goals.

~ Margaret Serich, Writer

“I was crippled with fear…”

I will never forget the day. My marriage was over, and I was in the process of packing boxes to move out. I lay frozen in the fetal position, unable to move. I was crippled with fear about my future. Something had to change if I was going to make a new beginning for myself. Charlotte’s name popped into my head as someone who can help with fear, and I rang her.

Through Coaching and RTT® sessions with Charlotte, I was able to build my confidence again after losing much of it in my alcoholic marriage. I was able to believe in myself and let go of limiting beliefs around money and not being enough. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to change their limiting beliefs in a short window.

Within three months, I attracted my dream job… a consulting contract with a top supermarket brand in Australia. …

Later, after discovering that the business she had been curating for years and had invested countless money into was not as soul-satisfying as she had expected, she returned for another RTT® session and coaching…

Charlotte is a miracle worker with her gift as an RTT® therapist. Recently, I had a third RTT® session, and the results have been phenomenal in a short period. My focus for this session was clarity on the divine plan for my life, releasing money blocks, and being rejection-proof. My RTT® session took place on Tuesday, and by Sunday, I knew precisely the vision for my new business. It was such a relief to finally discover with the utmost clarity and confidence the calling for my life. I can’t wait to get started!

~ Tanya Pluckrose, Rich Results Thinking Coach

Tanya Pluckrose

Within a few months after stepping into her new life vision, this client had her first significant 5-figure month of earnings, and is on an unstoppable upward trajectory in her business and her new life!

Charlotte is a therapist who knows how to really listen — really listen!

I had enough of ‘psycho-therapy’. I wanted help and I wanted someone to help me answer some questions and to figure stuff out. Psychologists only listened to me talk and didn’t offer any tools to help me. But with Charlotte, you can get results and I think that’s what everyone is looking for. …

Charlotte is highly equipped to change and revolutionize your life. I highly recommend that you let her change yours.

~ L. Lee, Graphic Artist

“I found my true personal power”

There is no need to look any further and debate with yourself any longer about working with Charlotte. The sooner you commit, the sooner your life will be yours!

My life was good, but it wasn’t great. It was missing some personal passion and my days were pretty routine. … Charlotte provided a safe place to confide and really tell the truth. My work with her prompted some of the deepest work I have ever been able to do. … With Charlotte’s uncanny intuition, provocative insights, and hilarious charm, I found my true personal power, which had been overshadowed by the fear that had been masking it from me and the world. The mask of fear was removed and I learned how to step fully into my life and create the life I want… The fact that I tripled my income in the process in less than one year is but gravy to the deeper and broader implications for my life.

~ Julie Knapp-Steelman, Sales Executive turned Author and Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer

If I could, I would mandate all my family and friends to engage in at least a 90-day process working with a Fearless Living Coach… My experience with Charlotte is one that will have lifelong implications; not only through my deeper understanding of self but also through a more profound appreciation of the human condition. … I so appreciate the rigor that Charlotte brought to each of our sessions.

~ Bryn Randolph, Coach

After my first RTT® session, I immediately noticed a change in my thinking. My business began to pick up again.

Now, after 3 RTT® sessions and Coaching with Charlotte, my confidence increased, my income grew, and I came to realize I am enough and I am doing enough. For the first time in 20 years, I have stopped constantly thinking about what I can [or must] do to bring in more work.

It was fun to work with Charlotte. She is very supportive and skilled. I highly recommend her!

Four days after my last session, an idea came to me about how to get a project off the ground and profitable that I had been struggling with for 11 years! The idea that popped into my mind was actually the first idea from years ago. But this time, everything was clear: my messaging, my reason for doing it, and who I wanted to reach.

I know without a doubt that this project will bring me the level of income I desire for my financial freedom!

– Jennie L., Medical Professional

Heart in handsHeartHealing®

I’ve never experienced anything like HeartHealing®, and I’m grateful that it was Charlotte to take me through the process! I’ve had RTT and coaching sessions with Charlotte in the past, and she is amazing at both, but the Heart Healing session was truly transformative. I worked with her on “trust” issues, and after the session, I felt that blocks were removed and my heart felt open and free. I have now created space within me to trust myself and my intuition which has allowed me to grow in my personal relationships and as a healing practitioner. Thank you so much, Charlotte!

~ Lisa Cien, Intuitive Coach and Hypnotherapist

Lisa Cien

Charlotte is warm and very compassionate. She inspires confidence through her soothing voice and caring demeanor. I came to her regarding growing anxiety following a recent job loss. I suffered from low-grade anxiety most of my life but this was much worse. Too low grade for medication and none of the different kinds of therapies I tried over 30 years (including traditional hypnosis) helped much except for diet and exercise.

After my session with Charlotte, the anxiety is completely gone! In fact, when asked about how the session on anxiety went, I had to think really hard and then laugh as it was almost like it never existed. RTT is amazing and I highly recommend Charlotte as a great RTT practitioner who can give you unbelievable results.

~ Rose, Customer Care Specialist

I’d struggled with social anxiety throughout my life and was determined to make a change and started working with Charlotte as my Fearless Living® Coach.

Although things got significantly better in my day-to-day life with the tools Charlotte taught me, there was a deeper pain that Charlotte could sense and she suggested I try an RTT® session. It was by far, the most cathartic experience of my life!

I have had ZERO symptoms of those anxiety feelings since my most recent RTT® session about a month ago. My heart is filled with so much love and forgiveness for myself. That self-love has translated into definitive improvements throughout my life.

My fiance (who I would not have even met if not for Charlotte, NBD!) has pointed out multiple times how much happier I am.

The RTT® sessions and Coaching have changed my life. I cannot recommend Charlotte enough. You will not regret it!

~ Hannah S., Property Mgmt Executive

A woman sitting on the floor

From Homeless to Homeowner!

A recommendation to work with Charlotte is not enough!

In just two years, I went from Homeless to Homeowner! Two years to the day that I left my abusive marriage, I held in my hands the keys to my new home that I purchased within just those two years. I doubled my income in that time!

The first step in my life makeover was saying “yes” to working with Charlotte. I came to her to work on my confidence in my business! and career.  Who knew?!  Let me add that Charlotte is still my Coach, and we are currently working together on other things in my wonderful life design.

One of the magical things while working with Charlotte that happened right after my first RTT® session was that I got, at a very deep level, that “I matter,” and I found the courage to stand up for myself.  This gave me the courage to leave an abusive marriage that I had been in for a long time.  That was the beginning of the amazing transformational journey I have been on ever since.

Wherever you are in your life, if you want assistance in designing your life the way you want it to be, work with Charlotte. Whether you’re struggling with a business or career issue, your confidence, issues at your work or in your personal life, and even if it is something in your family you want to sort out, book a call with Charlotte to find out how she can help you.

The investment in yourself is more than worth it!  I am not sure I would be where I am, having a career I love, having more than doubled my income, and owning my own home had I not said “yes.”  All this and more in only two precious life-changing years!

~ Rachel D., Director of Sales and Operations

Lisa Cien

A girl showing a light to a tigerAnxiety
I worked with Charlotte about a year ago for anxiety. I’ve worked with several RTT practitioners in the past for various issues, and Charlotte’s skill and expertise far exceeded my expectations! She guided me seamlessly through the process, with love and grace. She took me to the root of the anxiety, helped me reframe it, and created a beautiful transformational recording for me to listen to after the session. Within a couple of months of the session, I was able to move through life’s challenges with ease and live life in a much more relaxed state. I am forever grateful for Charlotte!

~ Lisa Cien, Intuitive Coach and Hypnotherapist

Charlotte Gray has the uncanny ability to “Cut through your bullshit” in a very humorous and loving way. [The coaching I have had from her] provided me with tools that allow me to have a closer relationship with my young son. I have stopped parenting from guilt and have learned to enjoy our time together in the “here and now. … At work, my leadership style has changed dramatically. I have moved from being a direct, no-nonsense manager to an employer that creates a fun, creative and productive environment. I have learned to cut through my own bull and how to work daily towards my vision of how I want my life to be. I no longer fear taking action! As a result, my life is literally transforming from the inside out. Wow! It’s only been four months into this process! It’s been hard work, but well worth it. Wish I’d have started sooner; happy I started period!

~ Yolanda Friedman, Hotel Catering Manager and Business Owner

I felt guilty all the time, I wanted to write more than anything, but hadn’t written a word in nearly ten years and didn’t think I ever would. … I’d survived a couple of bad bouts of depression, but couldn’t shake ‘depressive thinking,’ in spite of therapy and treatment. …
[Charlotte] is unbelievably perceptive. She got things about me right away that I never understood in spite of years of seminars and workshops and self-help books and my own immensely powerful brain. …

I’m developing an authentic sense of optimism and joy, instead of thinking like a depressed person. And here’s the biggie, I’m writing. Every day. And it’s fun! How great is that? … Whether you want a little fine tuning or, like me, the complete Brain Makeover, it’s the Best Thing Ever!

~ Isabelle G., Writer

I was feeling overwhelmed and lost by the mountain of responsibilities and opportunities in front of me, and I wanted help in releasing my anxiety and building my confidence to feel empowered in different areas of my life. I am also ambitious in my career and wanted help and guidance to move past my personal obstacles and to be able to reach my goals and aspirations, including speaking up at work and in meetings and taking on more leadership roles. With Charlotte’s excellent Coaching and RTT®, I am well on my way.

Charlotte knows how to really listen. She is able to clearly articulate what she hears me say and even that which is not said. She is patient and encouraging and has helped me to see things about myself and my choices that I previously was unable to see on my own. And through it all, I never doubted that she cared about me and what is important to me.

Through her coaching, I have learned how to communicate with myself and others in new and empowering ways. I have learned tools, both conscious and unconscious, that help to keep me organized, focused, and remember to love myself. As a result, life is becoming less stressful and far more rewarding!

~ Christian, Project Manager

Before RTT®, my self-confidence was, on a scale of 1-10, at number 4. Right after my RTT® session, it jumped to a 9! I now feel more confident at work and in my daily life. I continue to listen to my RTT® recording whenever I feel a need for a boost in confidence and well-being!

~ C.V.

LaTanya L.

I reminded myself that I started on this journey because I was ready to transform my life into a life without doubt or fear. With the passing of each week, I noticed my ability to reflect and celebrate small changes and major breakthroughs with my thoughts and behaviors. I was energized and felt confident with each new week.

My sessions with Charlotte have drastically changed me. I am more comfortable speaking without fear of what people think. My self-confidence has improved, and in my relationships, particularly with my supervisor, who recently expressed appreciation for my openness to share my thoughts and ideas in departmental meetings.

I feel so good about the person I am today, and it is due to my work with Charlotte. I now have the tools to navigate life’s challenges. Charlotte has awakened and ignited the person that I dreamed I could be one day, except it is not a dream. It IS who I am TODAY!

Those who want to transform their life should not hesitate to take the first step to choose yourself, then choose Charlotte Gray as your Coach. You will not regret the financial investment, because it is really a commitment to yourself and the possibility of substantial personal growth and life changes that accompany the choice to work with Charlotte Gray and her Coaching program. It is so worth it in every way!

~ LaTanya L., Project Manager

Since a single HeartHealing® session with Charlotte, my businesses have flourished and best of all, my friends and family relationships have deepened emotionally.

If you want to move beyond the fear, pain, and anger dominating your life, Charlotte is able to reach the deep core of emotional wounds and replace and cure the very thoughts and beliefs paralyzing and limiting you. Soon you will experience yourself free of the past pain, loved and whole.

Now I no longer have to prove myself and notice that I give and receive appreciation and affection naturally and easily. I would highly recommend Charlotte Gray.

~ Judy Stephens, Realtor

Judy Stephens

Working with Charlotte has become an investment in myself. … I’m so grateful for the love, compassion, humor, insight, and wisdom Charlotte brings to her coaching. I wish for others to know the freedom from fear I now experience in my life and the profound changes that have and continue to occur as a result of having learned to do so.

~ Margaret S., High School Teacher

The work I did with [Charlotte] made me rethink things and made me see how I could do and think differently. I was not just given a reason why I was doing things; I was given a new way to view the world and myself in it. … I have reevaluated my relationship with money and finally really addressed the issues that have held me back from making the living I should make. All of my relationships are better and I wake up each morning excited about my day rather than dreading it. … I would recommend that anyone hire you as a coach. Just having you available to run things and check in with is invaluable and the work you do is life-altering.

~ S.W., Award-Winner Interior Designer

Before I started coaching with Charlotte, I had no direction and was unclear about what I wanted. …

Client had an amazing career leap.

But even more than my career leap, I found myself with the courage to face my fears and to do something about them. For me the real win is not in what I’ve accomplished but in how I feel inside. Everything in my life is better, particularly my relationships.

~ Shaun Russelle, Actor and Business Owner

I came to Charlotte one year ago because I didn’t want to keep living the life I had. I knew something was missing and if I didn’t find it soon I wasn’t sure what would happen to me. … When I found Charlotte … little did I know how much she would support me in transforming my life. It is beyond what I could have imagined! It didn’t take too many sessions and I knew I was on the right track by finding Charlotte’s professional help.

I am happy, healthy, free of depression, and able to stand for my own truths as to what is best for my life. I do things because I want to, instead of because I should, have to, need to, or because I’m expected to. I know what I want and what I need to do to achieve it. I have the skills and courage I need to move forward even if I make mistakes along the way I can learn from them and continue moving toward my goal!

I highly recommend Charlotte Gray as a coach because you will get results!

~ Joyce Hendersen, Coach

At 38 I reached a point in my life where negative events kept repeating themselves and I knew that eventually, I would not be able to outrun my habit. … I knew there was something that had to change but I felt powerless to make these changes myself. … I had not expected the impact of the call that I received from Charlotte. Immediately, her voice instilled in me a sense that this woman was grounded and solid, that nothing I had to throw at her would surprise or deter her commitment to helping me. I thought if I could get this from one phone call imagine the progress I could make over the next three months! … That was the beginning of an amazing journey I have now been on for four months. …

~ J.J., IT Project Manager

One year ago, I was literally at the end of my rope.

This client had a newly failed business and was living far away from “home”. She was devastated and had no idea what her next step should be.

… I had a 45-minute call with Charlotte and immediately knew she could help me. She understood my situation, emotions, pain, frustration, fear, and desperate desire for help. Her style is strong, straightforward, and gentle all at the same time. I loved working with her! I surrendered and trusted that her instruction would see me through this very difficult time and believed that somehow I could be ok. And that’s exactly what happened. …

~ Marianne Marjanovic, Business Analyst turned Business Owner

Marianne moved back to her home state and went on to open a second, this time successful business.

If you are looking to get some insight and answers to help you get unstuck and moving forward in your life, I recommend having Rapid Transformational Therapy® and Coaching with Charlotte Gray. She helped me to get to the bottom of some beliefs that were holding me back. It’s been weeks since my session and I am still experiencing a very freeing and liberating feeling.

~ Elizabeth

I was a little skeptical of Life Coaching, especially over the phone. … I can tell you what I “thought” I would get out of talking with Charlotte was far less than what I actually got. My thought process completely changed and changed for the better! … I was able to lift weights off my back that had been there for years!

~ Jacquie, Artist

Working with Charlotte has dramatically shifted my thinking. … My self-esteem has improved greatly and continues to climb. My friends have noticed my greater confidence, openness, and positive outlook. … Charlotte is very perceptive, intuitive, compassionate, and creative. She opened my mind to new possibilities and was a joy to work with. …

~ David J. Gardner, Producer and Writer

I needed support to ensure my writing career remained a top priority and I chose life coaching for its focus on action in the present time, … I am very happy to say that I made the right decision! Charlotte is an extremely insightful and intelligent woman who is funny, honest, and strong. … She has an uncanny way of cutting through the fluff and getting to the core of the matter. And I can say in all honesty that Charlotte changed my life! The results have been outstanding

~ Kathleen B., Grant Writer and Screenwriter

I came to Charlotte feeling frightened, somewhat depressed, and definitely overwhelmed with where to go with my life. … With the use of the tools I learned in my coaching with Charlotte, I can now stay in the present, recognize when I’m fearful and can see it for what it really is. Then, I can let that feeling go and stay positive, hopeful, grateful, and live fully in the present. … I am reintegrated (with my past), living in the present, and am committed to starting my own business, which Charlotte is also mentoring me through!

~ Lucille Moislin, Business Owner

In my first conversation with Charlotte, I told her that I felt that if coaching couldn’t help me then I was a lost cause. I had tried self-help books, several therapists, and medication, but nothing seemed to help. … Charlotte helped me find my confidence, again! … I acquired tools for living that made the medication unnecessary. … As a result my renewed confidence and the tools I now possess for living fearlessly, I have started my own business, and will have completed five projects by the end of this year!

~ Shelly D., Studio Executive and Business Owner

When I started Fearless Living Coaching with Charlotte, I was highly motivated to change. Years of stress and anxiety culminated in a health crisis and my habitual patterns of hiding, complaining, and procrastinating was no longer working for me. … She has a remarkable ability to spotlight how fear may be subtly working to undermine one’s life goals. She formulates questions that get to the heart of self-awareness and catalyze one’s deepest knowing. … I now have the skills to work through the “paralysis.” I am able to set priorities and focus on what is important to me. In the past, I could always find time to support others but not myself! … Charlotte is a terrific life coach and I recommend hiring her.

~ Sherri M., Avocado Rancher and Writer

As a professional in the mental health field, I’ve always been a firm believer in the benefits of therapy, but having Charlotte Gray as a Fearless Living Coach has exceeded my expectations! I have actually gotten more out of one session with Charlotte than months worth of therapy sessions.

~ Terry M., Mental Health Professional

Terry returned to school to uplevel her professional status and got married a year after coaching. She credits the work we did helped prepare her to meet and marry her life partner.

Through coaching, I’ve acquired a more patient, compassionate attitude toward myself, a reminder that I am a deserving, worthy, significant person because of who I am, not just what I do. With Charlotte’s ongoing encouragement and support, I’ve experienced what I call self-esteem rehab, a renewed confidence. I have been paralyzed by shyness for much of my life. Once worried, anxious, and embarrassed about being “enough” socially, I’ve gained permission to just be. … [T]he transformation I have experienced is of a permanent nature. Having tasted freedom, fear is increasingly unacceptable as a way of life.

~ Anne Cody


No one can be fearless alone!

– Rhonda Britten (Fearless Living™)

 Get the motivation, guidance, and support you need to get your life on track. You don’t need to struggle on your own anymore!

Charlotte Gray