Are you are tired of:

  • Doing the same things and getting the same results and wondering why everything seems so hard?
  • Working more and more hours and sacrificing your personal life in the hope of “earning” a promotion or raise?
  • Earning one more certification or degree hoping that will be the ticket to your promotion or raise? 
  • Knowing you are meant for more but you are feeling stuck?
  • Exhausted from feeling anxious, stressed out, and plagued by self-doubt, worry, and disappointment?
  • Struggling with Imposter Syndrome waiting for the other shoe to drop?
  • Being a people-pleaser and saying “yes” when you want to say “no”?
  • Your fear of rejection, judgment, or ridicule is paralyzing you when action is most needed for you to move ahead?
  • Struggling with establishing boundaries and/or enforcing them?
  • Being overlooked for promotions, raises, and recognition you know you deserve?
  • Knowing you are heading towards burnout and you want to stop the pain and suffering and unwanted struggle with life balance and crumbling relationships



“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

I am Dedicated to you
living your BEST LIFE!



This AMAZING 6-Month Intensive Program will revolutionize your life by literally changing your mind and the way you think, as you gain all of these empowering and invaluable skills and experiences:

  • life-changing tools for powerfully communicating with yourself and others,
  • learn how to powerfully navigate life’s challenges feeling empowered and in control,
  • shift your paradigm from Fear (reactive living) to Freedom (responding mindfully to life),
  • identify your triggers and learn how to shift into who you were always meant to be and love being you,
  • unlock and release outdated and disempowering beliefs that have been stopping you and keeping you stuck,
  • debunk the belief that you are somehow not enough or good enough to have what you want,
  • program your unconscious mind to align with your conscious wants and desires for inevitable success,
  • identify and heal early relational wounds, old emotional scarring, and the fear behind your old trauma,
  • shift your self-image and identity from feeling like a victim to knowing you are empowered and powerful, and
  • powerfully rewire your mind for unshakable confidence, self-belief,  success, peace, and abundance.

This is a one-of-a-kind, life-changing personal development program that will transform your life from the inside out. In six months, you will look back and barely recognize the woman you are today.

This is a 6-Month Intensive Program working exclusively 1:1 weekly with me.

This program is right for you if you are ready to have your thinking challenged and you want to experience significant breakthroughs that will result in remarkable upgrades and changes in your career, finances, relationships, and quality of life.  Possibly even a QUANTUM LEAP!

Most importantly, this is for you if you are ready to invest in yourself to become the best and happiest version of yourself and to live the life you know you are meant to live! 

If you are ready to find your authentic voice, stand in your power with unshakeable self-confidence, and achieve your goals, the best way to know if this or one of my other programs may be the right program for you, is simply book a Free Breakthrough Call, let’s chat about your situation, and get your questions answered so you can be clear on what now could be your next step to having what you want in your life!


6-Steps to Free Yourself To Live Your Best Life!


Release the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that have been secretly holding you back from what you truly desire so you can now fearlessly move forward in your life!


Reclaim the person you were born to be by finding your true voice so that you can be the fullest expression of yourself in the world!


Reprogram and rewire your brilliant mind for success and abundance in all areas of your life that are meaningful to you so that you experience more of what you want and are ready to live the life you want!


Courage to use your voice and unapologetically ask for what you want and get it!


Confidence to fearlessly show up, speak up, and navigate life with freedom, ease, and grace!


Connect deeply with yourself and others so you can live a more happy, harmonious, and more fulfilling life than ever before.

Programs You Will Be Experiencing Working With Charlotte

Courage-To-Be-You™ includes all of the following programs below.  A HeartHealing™ package designed to heal your Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-Trust, and Self-Acceptance wounds is available, separately.  Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) can also be offered in a customized package, based on your specific needs.  If you are not a candidate for hypnosis, you can still change your life magnificently with Fearless Living®.

The best way to figure out what is the best right starting point for you is to book a call and get your questions answered!


I believe that most people live in the paradigm of fear and just don’t know it, because we have been socialized and culturalized to believe that being reactive to life is normal.  But, it is not.

If you experience negative emotions on a regular basis, including anger, frustration, stress, overwhelm, judgment, comparing yourself, a deep need to control, feelings of guilt or shame, resentment…  Fear is running your life and keeping you stuck in surviving, rather than thriving. 

Fearless Living® is a program created by Emmy Winning Master Coach, Rhonda Britten.  She was the star coach on the NBC daytime television show, Starting Over, which was responsible for bringing life coaching to the public’s consciousness.  Twenty years ago, I was trained and mentored by Rhonda and certified as one of her first Fearless Living® Coaches.  I have continued to coach Fearless Living™ all these years because the transformation it creates for my clients is undeniably life-changing!   

In Fearless Living® we are not talking about having the courage to jump out of airplanes.  It is a program that with coaching and guidance will help you jump fully into your life and become the best version of yourself.

You will learn cognitive-behavioral tools (CBT) to change how you think about situations and yourself.  You will learn how to powerfully communicate with your mind and with others. Together, we will identify the core fear that has you spinning in the proverbial hamster wheel of your life,  and free you up to gain the steady, forward momentum and success you want and deserve to have.  We will also identify your essential nature that has been hidden behind the many masks of fear you likely didn’t even know you were wearing, and help you to reconnect with magnificent you!   This work will give you a true paradigm shift from a life lived in fear to one lived through freedom!

I use *NLP in all of my coaching practices. [See below.]

A girl showing a light to a tiger

You can experience the magic of Fearless Living® coaching as a stand-alone program, or as a part of my deep-dive 6-month Signature System, Courage-2-Be-You™ which provides you with everything you need to detach from your past and create your magnificent future at an extraordinary pace!  You can read more about that further on this page.  

Fearless Living® coaching will change your life and change how you see yourself and do your life!  It will help you come home to be the authentic, magnificent self you were born to be and align your mind, heart, and soul to experience more peace, joy, and happiness while attracting more abundance, love, and money into your life.

Fearless Living BadgeRhonda Britten and Charlotte Gray
Rhonda Britten (R) and me

“No one can be fearless alone.”

– Rhonda Britten

Rapid Transformational Therapy® aka (“RTT®”)

“Nothing binds you except your THOUGHTS
Nothing limits you except your FEAR; and
Nothing controls you except your BELIEFS.”

~ Marianne  Williamson

Rapid Transformational Therapy®, commonly referred to as RTT®, is a powerful transformative mind technology that will quickly get to the root cause of any issue you are struggling with in your life and will help you to turn your challenges into dynamic growth opportunities.

RTT is multi-faceted and combines the best of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, psychotherapeutic tools, an understanding of human psychology, energetic healing, and *Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  

RTT was developed by Brittain’s top hypnotherapist, the world-renowned, multi-award-winning, Marisa Peer, who has been refining these proven techniques for over thirty years.

I was privileged to train with Marisa Peer in Santa Monica, California, in 2018, and I  continue to be a part of a global group of Advanced Hypnotherapists and RTT Practitioners who offer rapid transformation and relief to our clients under the continued guidance and tutelage of Marisa and her team.

Marisa was guided to create RTT by her experience with her hypnotherapy clients and her belief that you don’t need a lifetime to resolve childhood issues.  She believed that freedom from such debilitating issues as anxiety, depression, confidence issues, irrational fears and phobias, weight control, and so much more…  can be quickly achieved by uncovering the root cause of the issue in hypnosis, reframing it, and then reprogramming the unconscious mind to achieve the desired outcome for RTT clients.

These RTT techniques get massive results for clients.

Hypnosis, which is basically being in a deeply relaxed state, is the vehicle that allows the mind to be open to new understandings and a willingness to change its old, disempowering beliefs and habits to align with your conscious desire for change wherever you are in your life today and going forward!  

I call RTT the gift that keeps on giving.  

Once you have your session, you have set a new foundation for your continued personal development.  Instead of starting from the original root cause of the problem you came in with and have now transformed, your exponential growth continues from your new and higher level of understanding. You have accelerated this aspect of your personal growth journey for life.

The results are quick and permanent.

I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and was on my way back to school to get my Master’s Degree to become a psychotherapist when I discovered coaching twenty years ago (see Fearless Living® above). I chose to coach over psychotherapy because with coaching you go beyond identifying problems and help your clients move forward in their lives.  When I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT), it was the missing piece to my coaching practice that I had been seeking to further deepen and accelerate my client’s journey.

I often refer to RTT as therapy on steroids because the results really are quite rapid!

Marisa Peer and Charlotte Gray

Marisa Peer (R) and me (L)

While RTT® can be used to resolve most any personal challenge, negative habit, or emotional block, I focus my practice in the *following areas: 

  • Anxiety and Self-Doubt
  • Apathy and Loss of Motivation
  • Self-Esteem & Worthiness
  • Confidence issues
  • Self-Belief
  • Childhood Relational Wounds
  • Emotional Blocks & Beliefs that are  Keeping You Stuck
  • Success Blocks
  • Money Blocks
  • Freedom from Guilt & Shame
  • Grief Processing
  • Procrastination
  • Frustration & Overwhelm


  • Improved Memory, Focus, Concentration 
  • Career Blocks – Clarity of Purpose
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales
  • Success Blocks (including
  • Fear of Rejection & Judgment)
  • Wealth Rewiring
  • Sleep & Relaxation Issues
  • Phobias & Other Fears
  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Health
  • Weight Control

NOTE:  If there is something you don’t see on this list that you would like help with, please feel free to Book A Free Call with me and get your questions answered by clicking the button below.

RTT Practitioner logoRTT CLinical Hypnotherapist logo
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) simply put is a bundle of techniques that shows us how to model excellence and how to use language to reframe your disempowering thought patterns. Tony Robbins brought NLP to the consciousness of the world.  However it was developed in the mid-1970’s by Richard Bandler, a student at UC Santa Cruz, and his Linguistic, Professor, John Grinder.

I was trained with one of the world’s top NLP trainers, Tad James, and his son Dr. Matt James, and have been a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, and TimeLine™ Therapy since 2003.  I use NLP in my coaching practice in how I language for my clients. This helps to accelerate their learning and success.


HeartHealing™ is the missing link to Wholeness, according to its creator, Natasha Bray.  And I quite agree with her.  Many of my clients describe their HeartHealing™ experiences as a journey back to self.

Quantum physics postulates that the energetic frequency of our heart is 5,000 times higher and stronger than the mind.

Whereas mindset work is focused on changing how we think so that we take new actions that align with our goals, HeartHealing® works on breaking down the invisible walls that we have built up around our hearts to protect us from relational and emotional wounds.  Unfortunately, those hidden walls also block all the goodness and richness of life that is waiting to come into our lives.

HeartHealing™ is a relatively new therapeutic modality that was developed by Natasha, who is a native of Wales, and a former RTT® practitioner, like myself.  She has an extensive background in social work and psychology, and has healed many traumatic wounds from her own childhood. As an outgrowth of all of the work she was doing to heal herself from her past, she basically, one day, had a download that resulted in this amazing, new healing and transformative modality.

In 2021, I proudly certified as one of the world’s first Level 2 HeartHealing (HH) practitioners and was recently honored with the title Practioner of the Month.

The hypnotic state is at the foundation of HeartHealing® work, just as it is in Rapid Transformational Therapy®.  However, whereas RTT® focuses on identifying early experiences that are at the root of a client’s life challenge (problem), HeartHealing™ gets to the root of early childhood attachment issues and trauma.

We have all experienced some form of trauma in our life, whether it was little (t) traumas, e.g., my class laughed at me when I made a mistake speaking in front of them (this could be a big trauma, too!), or a big (T) trauma, physical and emotional harm, neglect, abuse of any kind.

It is likely you remember the big traumas, and may be burdened by undeserved shame, guilt, anger, or grief.  However, there is a full spectrum of trauma that the adults in our lives when we were children may have minimized and thus we have forgotten them or shoved the emotions around them so deep within us, that we have no memory of them.  However, these forgotten memories can create massive blocks in our daily living and aspirations.

While transforming your mindset is important and empowering, healing the wounds of the heart can have an even greater impact on shifting how you navigate through life and is a necessary step towards achieving coherence of body, mind, and spirit.

When those walls are broken down, when you realize you were never really at fault, when you discover the hidden source of those wounds and “heal” them, the walls melt away and you fall in love with yourself for maybe the first time in your conscious awareness, and you may feel restored to a sense of wholeness in who you are.

ASK ABOUT MY “WHOLE HEART” HeartHealing™ PACKAGE! (Heal Your Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-Trust, and Self-Acceptance wounds!). Break down the walls that have been keeping you from receiving the love, money, and abundance you seek.

I’ve never experienced anything like HeartHealing!… I felt the blocks were removed and my heart felt open and free.
Lisa Cien 

Since a single HeartHealing session with Charlotte, my businesses have flourished and best of all, my friends and family relationships have deepened emotionally.
– Judy Stephens

Charlotte Gray HeartHealing Practitioner Level 1 Certificate
Charlotte Gray's Practitioner of the Month

Still Not Sure?

See Below and on the Testimonials Page for What Others Have Experienced.   


After my RTT® session with Charlotte, the anxiety is completely gone!  In fact, when asked about how the session on anxiety went, I had to think really hard and then laugh as it was almost as though it never existed! – Rose P.


I have had ZERO symptoms of those anxiety feelings since my most recent RTT® session about a month ago. – Hannah S.


Something had to change if I was going to make a new beginning for myself.  Charlotte’s name popped into my head as someone who can help with fear, and I rang her.  – Tanya Pluckrose

I wish for others to know the
freedom from fear I now experience in my life. – LaTanya L.

I found myself with the courage to face my fears and to do something about them. – Shaun R.


Charlotte helped me find my confidence, again! – Shelly D

I feel so good about the person I am today.  Charlotte has awakened and ignited the person that I dreamed I could be one day, except it is not a dream. It is WHO I AM TODAY!  – LaTanya R.

Right after my RTT® session, my confidence
jumped from a 4 to a 9!  I now feel more confident at work and in my daily life. – C.V.


Once worried, anxious and embarrassed about being ‘enough” socially, I’ve gained permission to just be. – Anne Cody

My c
onfidence increased, my income grew
and I came to realize I am enough and I am doing enough...I received PERMISSION TO BE ME! – Jennie L.


I no longer fear taking action. As a result, my life is literally transforming from the inside out.  Wow! – Yolanda Friedman

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