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I BELIEVE that it is our birthright to have the FREEDOM to fully express who we truly are, and this can only happen when we can overcome the conditioned fears that have imprisoned us and prevented us from BOLDLY claiming the life we desire and deserve.  –  Charlotte Gray

Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us.  Between the two stands resistance.” – Steve Pressfield

My name is CHARLOTTE GRAY, and I know what it is to struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and fear.  

I am the mother of now adult twin daughters, Katie and Sydney.  I had them late in life, and my mother, who had been my only family, died 11 days after they were born.  When the girls were 18 months old, their father and I separated, he moved back to his native England, and I became a single mother. 

I know a lot about fear and what it takes to break through it.

While raising my girls, I left the security of a corporate job and started two successful businesses – a Los Angeles-based, full-scale Acting Studio, and later my Coaching Practice.  I had great success and then an equally epic failure.  

At the height of my success, I jumped into real estate investing with both feet.  My girls were in high school and I was hoping that my investments would help to pay for their college education.  Unfortunately, my decision was ill-timed.  I took the leap in what I say was about 10 minutes before the housing collapse and recession in 2008.  It wiped me out financially and emotionally.  

Naturally, I was devastated and then consumed with shame and guilt for having made such a disastrous mistake that impacted my family.  Our lives were turned upside down.  In deep grief and embarrassment, I pulled away from my friends and my business, and took a survival job where I hid out and struggled for way too long and so unnecessarily.  

Finally, desperate for change, and realizing that I was not going to be able to move forward on my own, I found a coach that I really resonated with.  Even though money was in short supply, I hired him anyway, with a wing and a prayer.  Thank goodness I did!  He taught me how to fly, again.

Even though I myself was a coach, it didn’t matter.  When you are drowning, you need someone to pull you out of the murky waters and help you to breathe on your own again.  I remembered the words of my first mentor, Rhonda Britten, “No one can be fearless alone.” 

My coach helped me remember who I really am and helped me to reconnect with my greatness.  I was able to forgive myself and let go of the negative emotions around having made a mistake.  We are all far more than our bad decisions. By the way, both of my girls graduated university and have gone on to create amazing successes. 

With my coach’s help, I was very quickly able to restore my self-confidence and self-worth, and rebuild my business and, most importantly, my life!   With help, I was back in the game of life, knowing my value, loving myself as imperfectly imperfect as I am, and ready to play to win! 

Sometimes, it just takes someone who is outside the space between our ears to help us get our minds to work for us, instead of against us.   After all, it is true that no highly successful person makes it to the top and stays at the top without help and support.

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Charlotte Gray


Today, I am known as the Fearless Voice Sensei.  

Fear wears many masks, and I help you to recognize and permanently remove the ones that are covering up YOUR GREATNESS and YOUR HAPPINESS.

A few of the symptoms and masks of fear that may be driving your life off course include self-doubt, worry, stress, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, procrastination, analysis paralysis, overworking and over-delivering, people pleasing (saying “yes” when you really want to say “no”), comparing yourself to others, fear of speaking up, anxiety, depression, overeating, over-exercising, and a myriad of addictions, including workaholism.

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When you are ready, I can show you how to break FREE FROM YOUR FEAR and become an unstoppable force in your life.  Learn how to navigate with unshakable self-confidence and self-belief.  Let go of anxiety and self-doubt, along with your inner self-critic, perfectionism, and the imposter syndrome that plagues so many successful, ambitious women and keeps them from the success and happiness they deserve. 

Quite simply, I am a coach, a hypnotherapist, and a paradigm shifter.

 I teach my clients from the inside out how to shift their disempowering behaviors into empowering habits and help them to really see their greatness so that they start to live into who they are meant to be, rather than out of their core fears. As a result, the person they become in the world up levels, and the world starts to show up very differently for them.

For many, their transformation is a QUANTUM LEAP…!

Charlotte Gray

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Do you know that resistance and struggle are a choice?  And so is freedom from fear!  

If you are ready to break free from restraints from your past, get out of your own way, find your authentic voice, and uplevel your life, then stop waiting for things to change.  Create the change you want now.  Questions?   

Charlotte Gray